Couple kisses on the end of a pier overlooking the Carribean

Alright, so here’s the thing… I had been to Sandals Montego Bay three times prior to this wedding trip. I can’t help it – I find deals I can’t refuse! When April reached out on the Sandals’ Facebook page about finding a photographer, I figured I’d throw my hat in the ring. As it turns out, we live 15 minutes from each other, and we decided to meet up for coffee to make sure I was the right fit. We hit it off right away and had an hour-long conversation about all things wedding and Sandals. Now, April & Chris’ wedding was to take place on the day we were to arrive in Jamaica. There were only a few hours of buffer time between *hopefully* landing in Jamaica and their wedding. I’ve seen plenty of Sandals weddings, so I knew this process (once I was there) would be seamless!

Traveling during the time of Rona

I was keeping up with April while at Philadelphia International Airport about flights, times, etc. April & Chris experienced a horrible situation a few days prior where they boarded their flight, sat on the plane for 90 minutes, and then had their flight canceled! They had to drive up to JFK to catch the next flight. Talk about a stressful way to start off your weddingmoon! This experience caused both of us to be a little nervous. Well, our flight was 45 minutes delayed, but it was no problem! Due to an awesome service called Club Mobay (I’ll write more about this in an upcoming blog), we landed, got whisked through customs, and got onto the resort in about 30 minutes.

It was worth it

We had just enough time to check into our room and change into clothes that weren’t the nasty travel day ones (if you know, you know) before I scampered over to see the happy couple! The wedding was perfect. It was intimate and relaxed, and you could feel the love emanating from the couple. Both my husband (their unofficial videographer) and I almost cried when they shared their vows. After the ceremony, they signed their marriage license (Brad & I got to be the witnesses!), and had their first dance on the beach. Small waves lapping at their feet, toes in the sand, sunny skies above them – *sigh* It was so dreamy! We then had some cake, drank some champagne, and then galavanted around the resort for their just married portraits. We got some amazing shots, and I am so happy!

It started raining towards the end of our session, so you know what we had to do: we played in the water, ran in the rain, and finished it all off with a mojito.

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