TV Show

1. Supernatural
2. Dancing with the Stars 

Starbucks Order

Pink drink with sweet cream cold foam

Place to Visit

ireland & jamaica (#mojitos)


Fall - No humidity or bugs, am i right?

A Few of My Faves

I've had a love for photography since my parents bought me my first camera for Christmas in 2001. I took pictures of anyone and anything that sat still for more than .03 seconds. The more pictures I took, the more I loved it. It became a passion of mine, but it wasn't until later that I had the dream of starting my own business as a Berks County photographer.

In the meantime, I taught middle school - 7th grade Language Arts to be exact. Yes, it was exactly as crazy as you're imagining, likely even more so. Teaching has taught me two things: patience and how to laugh at myself. Luckily, both traits are very helpful in photography as well. While I absolutely love teaching, I realized I wanted more.

In 2019, the idea of starting a business started blossomed from a "dream" to a reality. I took any classes I could get my hands on, and learned all the things!

When I'm not teaching or photographing, you can find me watching Netflix with my husband, eating an absurd amount of tacos, and planning for future trips to Ireland.

Hi, I'm Meghan

Lover of tacos, Starbucks, and taking naps - oh yeah, and documenting people's lives through my camera

Berks County Wedding Photographer

My goal, no matter what type of photography you need from me, is to make you feel comfortable. I want you to be YOU. I want you to be your true self, whatever that may be. I love you just the way you are; you matter!

For my couples, I want you to know that I love and respect you & your person. Everyone is deserving of love, and I will happily capture it. Everyone is welcome at Meghan Luckenbill Photography.

The MLP Philosophy


fun facts about me


... Unless I'm somewhere where I cannot easily access Coke or Pepsi.

I don't drink coffee

I wait until my husband picks one that he's into, and I jump in afterwards.

I never pick the Netflix shows to watch

When I was a 7th grade teacher, I had over 3,000 books in my classroom library. I'm just working my way through them. My favorite authors are Kiera Cass, Victoria Aveyard, Marie Lu, Joelle Charbonneau, and Katie Alender.

I generally only read Young Adult novels

I'm always looking for new places to travel! My faves are Ireland and Jamaica; on the agenda for 2023 are Ireland, Jamaica, Italy, and Paris!

Traveling makes my heart so happy

I truly believe that vibing with your photographer is critical. Are you looking for a wedding photographer? I'll be one of (if not the only) vendor that will be with you all day! We need to be the right fit. Are you looking for a portrait photographer? You need to be comfortable with me, so that I can capture the real you!

Now, you have a decision to make! Do you like what you see? Do you like my vibe? Are you picking up what I'm putting down?

Ready to get started?

So, now what?

Meghan Luckenbill Photography