Chester County, PA

I have been waiting for this day since last fall when Molly, Steve & I had our first consult call. I fell in love with them as a couple, and was very much looking forward to seeing how their day came to life. Molly & I share our love of Dancing With The Stars, so I knew that dancing would be a big part of this day. Boy, that was an understatement. This wedding was an absolute party.

The Weather = Spicy

As I was watching the weather leading up to their day, I was getting a bit nervous. I knew 3 things for certain:

1. It was looking like it was going to be ridiculously hot. Like, the hottest day of the year so far.

2. This wedding was going to be completely outdoors, so no A.C.

3. My curvy body isn’t built for this type of weather.

I immediately added 2 different types of fans to my Amazon cart, packed a bunch of water bottles, and crossed my fingers. As it turns out, I was being pretty dramatic. Everything worked out perfectly.

The Venue

Molly & Steve chose to get married at her grandfather’s farm in Chester County, Pennsylvania. Not only did it have special sentimental value, but it was a gorgeous location! The ceremony took place under the shade of a huge tree overlooking a horse pasture and rolling hills. There was a sublime breeze rolling in the entirety of the ceremony and reception. The tent provided much needed shade from the scorching sun, and was strung with romantic lights. Luckily, we were able to keep the bride and groom in the shade for most of the day! Even after dancing for hours, these two looked much more put together than I did by the end of the night. *shrug* It is what it is!

Their Love

I couldn’t help but tear up a few times throughout their day. There were special moments getting ready with the bride and her mom. The first look was beautiful, with Molly tearing up as she saw her *almost* husband for the first time. The toast was a tear-jerker as well. Just watching the way these two look at each other made me melt (and it wasn’t from the heat!) There weren’t just tears, though. I was laughing the entire time. My biggest chuckle of the day: When Molly’s dad handcuffed her to Steve when he gave her away. He also uttered the words, “We have a strict ‘no return’ policy.” It was hard to keep the camera steady with that one. Honestly, every single person in attendance at this wedding was wonderful. Brad and I uttered, “They’re just so lovely!” hundreds of times throughout this day. Molly & Steve’s day was just overall perfect, and I feel honored to have been there to capture it.

The Vendors

Here’s the amazing vendors who made the day happen.

Photography: Meghan Luckenbill Photography

Venue: Bride’s Grandfather’s Farm

Catering: Christa’s Catering

DJ: Freddy from VIP Entertainment

Hair: Gina Pede

Makeup: Bride’s friend Jess

Flowers: The Greenery of Morgantown

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