An Almost Spring Engagement Session

I met Molly & Steve at the Allentown Rose Gardens on a day that was iffy with weather. It was dreary and gross, and the hourly forecast showed that maybe we would get a peak of sunshine at the very end. Boy, was that wrong. We had bright sunshine for 99% of the session, and I am so happy. I mean, check out that magical glow! But I’m getting ahead of myself…

Molly first reached out to me in November 2021 inquiring about her May 2022 wedding. At our consultation, we immediately hit it off based on our love of Dancing with the Stars and tea (NOT coffee). We laughed and chatted (for way longer than I usually chat) the whole time. I was thrilled when Molly & Steve reached out a few hours later saying they wanted to have me photograph their day. *insert happy cha cha here*

Worth it

Back to the engagement session…

Now, Allentown Rose Gardens were pretty… what’s the word… empty right now. It’s early March. Nothing is growing, everything is brown. However, that provided an amazing, blank canvas for my couple to truly shine. Molly & Steve were up for anything. They handled my crazy prompts, laughed and joked with me the entire time, and most importantly, are head over heels in love with each other.

I had a ridiculously hard time choosing which photos to edit & include in this blog post. I’m going to have an even harder time narrowing down their entire gallery to a socially acceptable amount because they are just so freakin’ cute together!

Nicely dressed couple in garden
Formally dressed couple in garden

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