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Here’s the thing: I am from Berks County. I shoot a lot in Berks County. I wanted to expand my offerings to include being a Harrisburg, PA photographer. There are so many beautiful (and different) locations to photograph. I was so excited Lauren had reached out to me asking about last minute availability for an engagement session for her and her fiance. I had, like, two Sundays left for the month, and Lauren quickly picked the 17th. We discussed some options for photo locations, and they were gracious enough to agree to a location I’ve been wanting to shoot at, Fort Hunter Mansion & Park. I found it on Instagram, and realized that I needed to shoot there this fall. Luckily, it was every bit as magical as I had hoped!

All the seasons in one day?

First, let’s talk about the weather. It started raining 10 minutes before our session, and as we were introducing ourselves, the wind picked up. The first 10 minutes of our session was me shouting poses at them, while trying to get to know them and battling the crazy weather – not the way you want to start a session. I asked if they wanted to wait it out or use my umbrellas, and they responded, “Nope. We’re good with the rain!” It was at this moment I knew I would love them – I love me some go-with-the-flow kind of people. (Okay, fine… I knew I would love them when they told me they have a bearded dragon named Meatball and two cats named Tina & Toast. ) They handled it like champs, and absolutely rocked it.

In fact, I hardly even had to guide them. They fell into poses so naturally, and more importantly – when I asked them to look at each other, they both lit up in the best way possible. I told them multiple times to stop making my job so easy, but I’m secretly so happy they didn’t. 🙂

Lauren & Luke are the kind of people you want to sit and have a drink with. We laughed the entire session, they trusted me when I asked them to do crazy things, AND they came up with the brilliant idea to incorporate Halloween into their session. They had originally planned on being ghosts for the end of their session, but that plan fell through. No worries though, because these two wer prepared! Luke had carved two pumpkins that they could wear on their heads. *Cue that episode of The Office when Dwight wears one to scare Erin, but then it gets stuck* Luke planned for that, so no issues of being stuck as pumpkin heads! This was such a fun way to end this session!

I am so grateful Lauren & Luke trusted me with capturing this wonderful time in their life; I hope you all love these photos as much as I do!

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